14 Places to Promote Your Craft Blog

No big exciting tutorial today. In part because I agree with Rae’s comments about being a craft blogger, and in part because I have something else planned…

I’ve been doing a fair amount of promotion for Pocket Week, and learning a lot in the process. There are a TON of places we craft bloggers can promote ourselves, and I thought I’d share some I’ve found. I’m no expert – This list is not a “best of” and it is not all-inclusive. I haven’t tried all of them {yet}… mostly because I’m stingy about getting at least a couple hours of sleep a night. 

I’m putting them in alphabetical order here, with my notes on each… if you know of any others, or have had different experiences with some of these please leave them in the comments, there is so much more I have to learn!

1. BlogFrog – A place to find and join communities. This site has an amazing web of people, including an awesome number of craft blogs. If anyone has this site figured out, please give me your secrets! I enjoyed stumbling around the site, most pages I found something that related to me or my blog. I was able to connect with other bloggers, find guest posters, and guest posting opportunities, to name just a few things. I know it also has the capability for you to create your own “community” within the site.

2. BlogHer – A giant forum filled with women bloggers (and a few men who have been to a BlogHer conference). You can list your site on the index, and you can apply to be part of the publishing network (though you must have updated your blog regularly for the last 3 months, and right now they are only accepting wait list applicants). Lots and lots of amazing information on how to blog, how to promote, and all things bloggy-related. An awesome resource, though I’m not sure how I’ll use it to promote my blog much… but absolutely to absorb all the awesome knowledge.

3. Craft Crave.com – A computer-generated site that searches craft sites all over the internet, and creates daily summary posts. Submit your site to be considered, and whenever you have a post that meets the computer program’s criteria, you’ll get a message in the comments saying that your post has been selected!

4. Craft Crave.net – A different site than the “.com”Submit your projects to be included in the roundups. Members can “vote” your project up in the rankings. You can also submit your project to stumble, delicious, and several other bookmarking tools through this site. It is VERY picky about the size of thumbnail images, so you may need to create a special thumbnail file for each project. Otherwise, very easy to use.

5. E How – I haven’t used this site yet. It is a place you can submit your how-tos and check out other people’s how-tos. Let me know if you’ve used it, and what you think.

6. Facebook – Sorry, but if you haven’t heard of facebook, you need to come out from under the rock you’ve been living under for the last 2 years, find yourself a teenager, and have them show you. You can create a fan page for your site, or you can just promote your site links to your facebook friends. I haven’t really done much with Facebook for my blog, but probably will do some more in the future.

7. Glam Mommy Network – A brand-new forum out there on the internet. Looks a lot like MBC or BlogHer, but on a much smaller scale because it is so new.

8. Instructables – A place to post tutorials. I haven’t done this one yet, but I’ll probably be giving it a try with some of my more popular posts to see what kind of traffic it brings. I’d love to hear if you tried this one!

9. Linky Parties –  There are dozens of these on other blogs, and I really enjoy the craft-related ones. If you’ve never joined in, consider trying Making Monday Marvelous over at CRAFT, Tip Me Tuesday at Tip Junkie, What are Little Boys Made of at 733, or Just Something I Whipped Up at The Girl Creative. There are so many out there, I really shouldn’t have started naming any! I probably get more ideas for crafts by going through the links than I get pageviews, but they are so much fun, and I love “hanging out” with like-minded crafters this way!

10. Mom Bloggers Club – A forum like BlogHer, but on a smaller scale. The header says 10,000 members, though they’re probably not all active. I like checking out the forums, answering other bloggers’ questions, posting some of my own, and checking out what is happening in some of the groups. When I go there, it feels a lot like going to a local coffee shop – everyone is welcoming, and happy to sit down and chat with you.

11. One Pretty Thing – Whenever I get a tutorial listed on One Pretty Thing, I feel like I’ve been invited to the Oprah show. To me, OPT is the Oprah of craft roundups. Amazing tutorials by some awesome crafters. I love checking the site daily, and getting all kinds of fun ideas!

12. The Craft Map – A map of the US/World that shows geographically where different craft bloggers are. A neat idea, that I think it would be fun if more people joined in on. And, if I ever go on vacation to these other places, it might be fun to “look up” another craft blogger to have coffee with! If you’re ever in Vegas, let me know!

13. Totally Tutorials -Two tutorials listed a day. You submit them via the form on the submissions page. I’ve made some submissions, but haven’t had anything listed {yet… fingers crossed!} Some fun ideas and tutorials here, I’m hoping to be included among them one day.

14. Twitter – I’ve been told that posting my links here will help with SEO. I know some bloggers get fantastic traffic through Twitter, but I haven’t harnessed Twitter’s power yet. You can find my Twitter profile here.

There you have it – my opinions on these sites as possible promotion avenues for craft bloggers. Feel free to agree/disagree/expand on this. As I mentioned before, I’m no expert, and I’d love to learn more!

Expect Moore… soon!

ps. yes… that is a new picture of me over in the sidebar {that shows my face instead of the back of my head}. Thanks for noticing! : )


  1. awesome tips!

  2. hi there! thanks for the good promotional info. I am new to blogging and have yet to harness my twitter power either.

  3. Hi, I want to thank you for this post. I found it to be a good resource. There appear to be a few links that no longer work – do you know what might have happened to the craft crave sites?

  4. Michelle – no idea what happened to the Craft Crave sites! This post is due for an update… I suppose I should do one soon! : )

  5. loved your tips. So helpful!

    Would love for you to stop by sometime


  6. Thanks for the list, will have to try some of these.

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