A Little Bag for ME!

I mentioned yesterday that while making the bags for Little Moore and his friend J, I cut some fabric for a bag for me. Well, here it is!

The flowered fabric was a total impulse buy a couple months ago. At the time I had no idea what I was going to make with it… I thought, “Wow, this is really cute without being too girly… I should get it.” Oh, and it was in the remnant bin. The remnant bin is my kryptonite.  These lonely end-pieces of fabric, discounted, ready to hop into my cart…

The red cotton (I just LOVE red… probably my favorite color) makes a bright little border, and the lining is done in the same red fabric.

I’m not quite sure what function this little bag will serve… right now she holds some camera equipment and electronic gizmos, which may be just perfect. We’ll see. She might make a great little grab-and-go bag when I need to run to the store, and don’t have Little Moore in tow… oh… wait… that pretty much never happens! Camera equipment and electronic gizmos it is!



  1. Another fabulous lunch bag from you! You are right, the red border makes it very bright and pretty!!

  2. I think you’ve always loved red.

  3. Where can I get that cute bag? I want it for my daughter. I know that she will love that cute bag. You are so good to make such an amazing bag.

  4. I just bought a lunch bag similar to this @ Costco, The only differences are that, in the inside body part it has some silver insulating material & on the sides it has little pockets big enough to hold things like a cell phone etc, both would be totally doable with this bag!I LOVE mine! Do U happen to seel this pattern or is it something you made on your own?

  5. I made this bag using the Lunch Bag Tutorial from Pink Penguin. {And it is FREE!}


    If you wanted to use insulation material, you could get one of the inexpensive shopping bags made of the insulation stuff, and cut it up. : )


  6. Great bag, looks cute!!

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