Reversible Clutch

On Thursday, hubby and I will be celebrating FOUR wonderful years of marriage! He told me the other day that he’s arranged for a sitter and made reservations at a nice restaurant. Hey babe- you had me at sitter!!

My hubby and I don’t go out much. Partly because of the hassle of getting a sitter. Partly because hubby works the early, early shift… so late nights out are rough on him. And partly because… well… we just like hanging out at home.

Since we don’t get out very often, I don’t have a “going out” purse. When getting ready for one of our barely-annual nights out, I get ready to grab my purse and think, “Gee, this really isn’t a good bag for taking out!” (Yeah, I use “gee” in my everyday vocabulary. Scary, huh?)

This time, I’m planning ahead. And since this clutch won’t be seeing much wear, I thought I’d make it extra-handy by making it a reversible clutch. It turned out to be so super-easy to make, too!

I bought the black “spangle fabric” a couple months ago, intending to make a clutch with it. The black and gold I bought months and months ago, with no particular purpose, but it works well here.
I cut a 9 x 12″ rectangle out of each fabric, and out of a piece of mid-weight interfacing.
I then ironed the interfacing to the back of the black-and-gold cotton fabric. 
 The two pieces were then put right sides together, and I sewed down one of the short sides, leaving a hole in the middle for turning later. It would have been a good idea to back the black spangle with some plain black cotton, or used black interfacing… but it worked okay without. Next time, though… I’d probably go with a backing fabric or dark interfacing, so that I don’t have the white interfacing shine through.
Next, I turned the fabric wrong sides together, and finger-pressed the seam at the end.
To shape the purse, I folded up the top layer, 4.5″ away from the top seam.
After finger-pressing the fold, I turned it all over, folded up the other side, and pinned all the open edges.
Three sides were stitched closed, and the corners were clipped.
 I then reached up the bottom, and pulled the whole thing through the hole left for turning. I smoothed everything out, and finger pressed the seams. I then gave the cotton side a quick press with the iron. 
To make the clutch reversible, I needed to add a fastener that would work on either side, and not detract from the look when visible on the flap. After wracking my brain, I came up with something simple – magnets! I ran downstairs to the fridge, and grabbed a couple inexpensive round magnets. I slipped one up through the still open hole, and pinned it in place.
I hand-stitched around the magnet, using tiny stitches.
So small, you can barely tell on the other side.
I then did the same on the bottom, pinning and sewing the magnet into place. After pinning it in, I checked the polarity by closing and opening the clutch a couple times, and to make sure the magnets were lining up. After sewing it into place, I stitched the turning-hole closed.
All done!



  1. Oh that is super cute! I might have to try this one 🙂

  2. That magnet trick is genius!

  3. Unbelievable bag. I thought you are just making a simple bag but when I scroll down and see all the photos and read the article. I was so surprised. I can’t believe in that bag. The design is so amazing.

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