Selfish Sewing

I don’t do a lot of selfish sewing… but last night I took some time out to do just that.

Although I’d love to do the sew along “Frock By Friday” over at Grosgrain (this dress is so cute!), I didn’t have that kind of time… instead, I made the Shopping Cart Coupon Organizer that Blue Cricket Designs came up with.

Mine is just a little different. I didn’t have the patience to fuss with bias tape (although hers looks super cute with the bias tape), so I sewed it all RST, and then topstitched. I also should have changed my bobbin thread when sewing on the velcro… I will do that next time. Hopefully, this one will see lots of use!



  1. I have been poking around your blog…wow what a talented lady I am going to have to try your apple bread MMMMMM

  2. This is why I really love visiting your blog. You always update your blog and I always find it so interesting and very fun to read. I love your sewing work.

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