Pumpkin Week – Bottlecap Pumpkins

You caught me! These little bottle-cap pumpkins are not rocket science. There is nothing complicated or tricky about making these. Not only could the average 8-year-old make these, the average 8 year old could have come up with the idea. To me, that is part of the charm.

If you want to check out some majorly-inspiring pumpkin crafts, you should go check out the new round of contestants over at So You Think You’re Crafty.

I really love to create, it helps to keep me sane. The challenge is, I love to actually finish my projects, too! Between the house, the laundry, the dishes, the hubby, the wrangling of a two year old, and a new full-time job, I don’t always have a lot of time for complex, hours long crafting. But, a quick and easy craft like this, no problem.

And, they’re versatile! Attach a magnet to the back to add some spooky spirit to the fridge. Glue to a clothespin to clip on some instant fall fun. The possibilities are limitless! And did I mention that somebody in your house has to drink a pop or beer in order for you to have the bottle caps handy? It is like a perfect little crafting bribe…

I’ve got you won over, don’t I? Want to make your own? Here’s how (In case there isn’t a rocket-scientist-in-training to show you):

Start with some plain bottle caps. If you can ask the person removing the bottle caps from the bottles to keep them as flat as possible, even better.
Paint several layers of orange acrylic paint, until you can’t see the design underneath. If you want a glossy pumpkin instead of a matte one, you can try orange nail polish, or paint for painting model cars.
Flip them over, and add a piece of pipe cleaner that has been folded in half. Folding it in half adds more substance, and means there isn’t a “pokey” part on top.
Once the glue has dried (or cooled in the case of hot glue), find a fun place to use your pumpkins (and add a face with a fine-tipped permanent pen if you like).

Easy as pie! Yummy, delicious Pumpkin Pie!

Come back tomorrow for more pumpkin fun!



  1. John liked the part about helping to make the bottle-caps available. He wishes he could have participated in that part!

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