Pressed Flowers in the Winter

I’ll admit, doing a post on pressed flowers in the winter doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Until you hear my explanation.

First, I took Step 4 literally. I closed the book and put these flowers away for about three months. So, the project only got finished last week.

Secondly, these flowers have a story. These flowers were picked for me by Little Moore. That’s right, at 2 years old my son is already picking flowers for his mommy. Proof that I’m raising him right. : )

Although he is a total charmer (blue eyes, mile-long lashes, dimples and all), he is also a hell-raiser. Mothers, lock up your daughters! When he gets on a tear, he can run around the house, knocking down enough bins of toys to keep me busy for an entire naptime!

It was on one of these recent tears that he ran around a corner, slipped, and fell on his leg. Breaking it. Yup, neither Mr. Moore or I have ever broken a major bone (fingers and toes don’t count), and our 2 year old son is in a cast.

Which means less crafting time (during the holidays when I’m working on making presents), and it reminded me about the flowers my sweet son picked for me.

So, here you go… pressed flowers in the winter!

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