How I Spent my Blogiversary

So, very quietly and without much fanfare, this little space turned 1 on April 15th. And in true “Expect Moore” style… I spent it somewhere else.

Somehow, even when I plan things out myself, I manage to have lots going on during important dates. During Pocket Week, I was in San Diego helping host my little bro’s Engagement Party. During Pumpkin Week, I was not only busy at my new job, but also in California at Relay for Life. And, during the weekend that kicked off Red Week, I was at my Mom’s.
Blogiversary weekend, my mom and I drove up to Northern California for my Sister In Law’s baby shower… along with Little Moore. Nothing like a 22-hour round-trip car drive (with a 2.5 year old) to celebrate a milestone! But, we did manage to make a pit stop at Strawberry Patches in Bakersfield. They just opened their new location, and one of my quilting buddies told me that it was worth the visit.

She was so right! They were easy to find, and just a couple of stoplights off the freeway. With over 5,000 bolts of fabric, Strawberry Patches was a great place for a couple of quilters (and a nap-ready kid) to stop on our insanely long drive.
There were cute little displays all around the shop. Many of the patterns are Strawberry Patches Originals. 

An entire corner of trims and various embellishments! I only snapped a pic of the ribbon and ricrack side… the other side had buttons, and flowers… oh my! After all… They don’t call them the queens of embellishment, the guilders of the lily, the curators of cuteness for nothing.

Even Little Moore had a good time. He’d brought in his little train set (after noticing it had a handle, he started calling it a “purse.” Hubby quickly fixed that… and he now calls it his “man bag.”), but was quickly distracted by the candy bowl.

They say that Strawberry Patches is “not your grandmother’s quiltshop…” but this little guy, his mom, and his grandma all had a good time! : )

Up next… baby shower pics! : )

C. Moore


  1. I agree with little moore – the candy bowl was the only fun thing about going to the bank with grandma when I was a kid. 🙂

  2. The colours in all those bolts of fabric are positively inspirational! A return visit from the LBS – good to meet you.

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