Mario Brothers Inspired Birthday Invitation

While in LA a few weeks ago, I got to visit with one of my longtime friends. We’ve known each other since grade school and used to do all kinds of things together… now she lives too far away to hang out regularly, so we take what we can get.

She’s working on putting together a Mario Brothers themed birthday party for her 2 sons (who have birthdays only about a month apart), and I asked if I could take pictures of, and share, these super-cute invitations.

These are such a labor of love! Each part is individually hand-cut and glued in place (or tacked in place with grommets), and the eyes are drawn on. The mushroom can be pulled out of the “box”, and the party details are all attached to the bottom of the mushroom.

Equally well-thought-out is the seal on the outside of the envelope:

Her husband found “the Mario Font” which was used on the party details, as well as on this label. And a picture of Mario and Luigi was added just in case someone couldn’t tell that the party had a Mario theme from all the other details!

She’s been cutting, pasting, and sealing for days to get all these invitations made and sent out. What an awesome mommy!



  1. So very very cute, Thanks for sharing, Have a very happy party.

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