Worktable Wednesday & a Winner!

This is a new little feature I want to try. I’ve read all kinds of posts over the last few weeks and months about sharing the process, and keeping it real. In that spirit, I’d like to start sharing my worktable with you each week. Hopefully, it won’t always look like this!

Today I’m finishing up several projects, and starting up several more, so it is a hodge-podge of fabric, charm squares, pincushions, adhesive spray, scrapbook paper, quilting rulers, a glue gun (not plugged in), and scraps of whatnot! Oh my! When I was younger I had a saying on a pillow that said “A Creative Mess is better than Tidy Idleness.” This might qualify as a creative disaster!

Oh… and time for a winner from my Birthday Giveaway! There were 33 entries… here is what has to say…

Congratulations Brenda!
I’ve already sent you an e-mail.

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