Free Pieced Placemat

I’m elbow-deep into the current Art Gallery Fabrics Challenge, so I guess that means it is time to show you what I did last month! No winning entry here, just a fun way to make a colorful placemat. The requirements were to make a placemat with a ruffle.

Free piecing is simple to do, and fun because you plan and make decisions as you go. The impromptu nature is very liberating.

 I started by cutting two pieces the size of a placemat – I just used a placemat I had on hand for size. I Pieced together strips of solid fabric in a very imprecise way, and cut a strip of stripe to use as my ruffle.

 I laid the stripe down at an angle, and cut the backing fabric.
I stitched in a strip of the stripe fabric.
I then pinned the backing fabric to the edge of the stripe, making sure to offset the edges to account for the seam.

I repeated the process with another strip, at a different angle. I did try to line up the stripes a little.

After stitching in my strips of stripes, I pressed the strip for the ruffle in half, increased my stitch length as high as it goes, and stitched down the raw edge. Then pulled one of the threads to ruffle the fabric.

I added the ruffle to the final stripe strip before attaching the placemat piece.

Once I had the top fully pieced, I cut it to size, and cut a piece of batting the same size.

I put the back and front right sides together with the batting in the middle, stitched almost all the way around (leaving a hole for turning). Trimmed the corners and turned the placemat right side out, then stitched the hole closed and quilted the top to finish.


  1. That’s fun fabric you put together! Love it when the project goes together so easily as it looks like yours did! Congratulations!

  2. Oooh I really like those stripes going across the pattern. Cool look!

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