Evolution of a Baby Shower Invitation

Later this month I’m teaming up with my sister in law to throw a shower for my other sister in law. Honestly, both my brothers did FANTASTIC jobs picking out sisters for me {and I’m sure these gals make pretty rockin’ wives as well}.

My baby brother and his wife are having a little boy. Before becoming “Mom” she has been known as “Auntie Ducky”. I wanted to reflect that in her shower invitations. Here is what the final shower invite looks like:

I used a large stamp on the left. The right is 2 shapes cut with my Cricut (yes, I had to pull out the “big guns”). The aqua was rubbed with distress ink, as were the edges of the card. To keep the colors going, I used the distress ink to stamp the large stamp on the left. I colored in the duck, and added a little raffia to the hole in the tag. Honestly, I wish it didn’t have a hole, but that’s the way it came off the Cricut, so I just went with it.

Unfortunately, getting it to this point was tough. Super tough. I don’t normally have trouble coming up with and executing an idea, but this one I really struggled through. Nothing was good enough. And some of these are very over-designed because I was already sick of the idea, so I played around with it to see if there was an element I really liked that I could pull into a new card. One that I was willing to make 29 more of to send out as invites.

What do you think? Do you ever struggle through the design process?


  1. Yes, all the time! And I make cards for a living. LOL There are times a design comes quickly, and there are times I go through exactly what you shared here. It can be maddening when that happens! I really like your final choice a lot, and the raffia on the tag is nice. I’ve seen many cards that have a “tag” attached to it, so you’re on trend there. 🙂 I also love the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th designs from the bottom. 🙂

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