Lean Cuisine and C25K 2-week Check-in

Can you believe I’ve gone through 2 weeks of the Couch to 5K? I can! It was just a short 2 weeks ago that I went up to my husband and said, “I’m going for a run, I’ll be back in about half an hour.”
“A run?” he said, as if the word was foreign to him.
“Yes, a run.” I said, holding up my tennis shoes for him to see.

In the last two weeks it has become a lot more common for me to go for a run. And, I’ve fallen in love with the Lean Cuisine Meals. But not with the running. To me, running (and most exercise) is like taking out the trash. A chore. I don’t like doing it – but I’m always glad when it is done!

I will never be a fan of running. But there were some things that made it easier. Having music to listen to helped. Making sure I wasn’t pointing uphill when the little demon in my earbuds told me “time to jog!” helped. And knowing that I had a full 48 hours before I would have to run again really helped.

I did enjoy the Lean Cuisine Meals. I purchased two of the large 6-packs of Asian-style frozen meals. The noodles were my favorite. You can see my whole shopping trip here.

I added a side to round out most of the meals. Here are the sides I chose:
Day 0: Apple Slices
Day 1: Peach Slices
Day 4: Chopped salad with Cilantro dressing
Day 5: Lightly dressed Green Salad
Day 6: Baked Apple Dessert
Day 7: Low-Calorie Soda
Day 9: Salad with French Dressing
Day 10: Salad with Ranch Dressing
Day 11: Fresh Tomatoes with Balsamic Dressing
Day 12: Fresh Grapes

And as you can see, I have already stocked up on some more #frozenfavorites!

My favorite part of this whole process was the convenience of these frozen foods. At least four nights a week, my husband works late. I used to make dinner for my son, and just throw together some junk for myself. Having these Lean Cuisine meals in the freezer makes dinnertime much easier for me… and healthier too! A major win for a mom trying to get two littles through the witching hours.

I’m not the only one who took up this challenge. Be sure to check out my friend Sara at Mom Endeavors and Kelley from The Grant Life.

You can learn more about Lean Cuisine, check out the Lean Cuisine Website, become a Fan of Lean Cuisine on Facebook, or follow Lean Cuisine on Twitter.

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  1. Well, congrats on the 2 weeks. Be proud of yourself. I started running, in july. I did couch to 5 k as well. I dont’ love running either. Not sure if i will ever get to love it. Some days i love it…. Others not so much. But i do love the way i feel. I love that i set a goal and have accomplished it. Ido love when i run and i can listen to music or pray or just be. I find it helps to just go out and do it, even when you dont want to . Just do it, because you feel so much better. Goid luck on your journey.

  2. Yay! Good job, mama! I don’t love running either, but feel good when I’ve done it too. 🙂

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