Get Kids Involved in Gardening with Tools from the Home Depot

  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

Last weekend, my son and I spent some time in the yard. I remember gardening with my mom when I was a child. We had a big yard, and I would help dig holes, or rake. Often, my job was to bring water to my mom and aunt as they worked in the sun. My favorite part was watching the plants grow.

At four years old, Little Moore hasn’t really had the chance to see a plant grow. It was time to change that. Time to get him excited about gardening. I started by taking him on a shopping trip to The Home Depot to pick out some gardening tools. We picked out big gardening tools for me, small gardening tools for him, and gloves for both of us. The gardeningtool he was most excited about was the garden sprayer, which is no surprise to me.

Unfortunately for him, we didn’t get to use the garden sprayer until the end. We had to start by putting our gloves on…

Gloves are probably my favorite tools. They keep my hands protected from all the sharp and pricklies in the yard. I’m always sore after a day of pulling weeds… but if I do it with gloves on, then my legs and back may be aching, but my hands are fine.

While weeding, I pulled out the rake regularly. Because I’d had the sprinklers on for some time before the weeding began, the rake easily pulled out a large chunk of the weeds in the yard, leaving me with much less to pull by hand.

For weeding in the rocks, the action hoe was perfect. It really gets between and under the rocks to pull out the weeds without having to bed over and pull them individually.

Between pulling the weeds from the rocks and from the lawn area, we ended up with a lot of weeds. More than we could get in the garbage!

Weeding a yard is probably one of the most tedious tasks on the planet, but we managed to make it fun. While working on the yard, we found several ladybugs to keep us company. LM was thrilled to have one crawl on his hand.

We also took some breaks to make sure that the sprinklers were working. Getting to turn on and off the water, and getting to run though the sprinklers, is a fun treat and turns yardwork into play time.

Once the lawn area was weeded, we convinced my husband to run over the lawn with the lawn mower. I would have done this, except I have no idea the last time that mower was started, and was afraid of complications. I might have preferred running to The Home Depot and picking up a new lawnmower, but hubs got some new gas, started the mower just fine, and then mowed the yard which was less lawn and more weeds!

Once we finished up with the yard, adding more fertilizer and grass seed, we were ready to work on the planter bed. This was Little Moore’s favorite spot. He loved digging in the dirt with me to put in the potted tomatoes and bell peppers, and he REALLY loved digging holes to put in seeds.

Then came the best part… watering the plants…

 Later this week I’ll be sharing with you how the garden is growing… with a couple fun surprises!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.


    1. aww LM is so grown up now!! I miss you all!! xoxo

    2. I need to get my son outside and in the dirt more. I always think about me having to clean him up afterwards so I limit his “dirt” time, but I know he would learn a lot and really enjoy doing something like this!!!

    3. Excited to see how the bell peppers go. Been contemplating adding those to our yard for a while now.

    4. Great, great idea! I loved gardening when I lived in an area that had great soil. My kids would always help me out and liked to get involved. Now that they are grown, my oldest and youngest kids put in huge gardens and love sending me pics of all their herbs and vegetables.

      Anytime kids get involved in gardening it is a good thing!

    5. I wish we had a yard to try a garden! This looks like a lot of fun! Well, everything but the pricklies in the hands and an aching back. Haha.

    6. We love to garden with my boys. Each of them has their own raised garden bed and they get to choose (within reason) what plants they will plant. And then they have the responsibility to weed and add extra water if needed. It teaches them great responsibility! I love following along with you on this project. I need to finish my backyard as well. 🙂

    7. Can’t wait to finally own and stop renting so we can grow a garden! By that time J should be old enough to get a kick out of helping! Hope they all turn out delicious!

    8. My 3 girls LOVE to garden! Me? Not so much. I kill everything I plant. Now that they are older I can let them take over the gardens! Since we rent, I don’t care if it’s a huge success – as long as it’s fun, I’m good.

    9. This makes me wish that we had a yard to overhaul!

    10. We try every year but never get past seedlings ! I have squash flowering now so fingers crossed

    11. I’ve got an old flower bed that I want to make into a small garden, but the rabbits would probably eat those too. 🙁

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