Running out of fabric is one of my biggest frustrations when making a quilt. When this happens, I have to figure out how to substitute another fabric into the design somehow, or see if I can find more of the fabric I used online. And wait for that fabric to come in. To overcome this frustration, I designed QuiltMath Sheets to make it easier to calculate the yardage needed for quilts.

No worrying about calculations!

I’ve taken care of all the math for you! Use the simple to read charts to quickly see how much yardage you need to get your desired size and number of squares and half square triangles. Plus, I’ve got you covered with a sheet that takes you step-by-step through the math if you like that sort of thing. But you won’t need it.

Made by a Quilter, for Quilters.

A pattern designer, pattern editor, quilt teacher, and quilter of over 25 years, I designed QuiltMath to be simple for even a beginner to use. If you use paper and pencil to sketch out your quilts, you can now see at a glance how much yardage you’ll need to stitch your design. This prevents you from running out of fabric when cutting your pieces! You can also make simple size adjustments to your quilt to make sure you have enough fabric in your stash to complete your design.

Watch this quick video to see how the QuiltMath sheets work:

These QuiltMath sheets cover squares and half square triangles up to 12″ in size. This is the most commonly requested size. I’m looking to add additional shapes in the future. Let me know what shapes you’d like to see added!

Purchase your QuiltMath sheets below: