Easiest Ever Cheese Bread

Looking for the easiest side you can make as you’re setting the table? Make this super simple cheesy bread!

Easiest Ever Cheesy Bread

You need:
French Bread (cut into slices)
Butter or Margarine
1/3 cup cheese per slice

1. Slice the bread into 1.5″ slices
2. Spread a layer of butter or margarine onto each slice
3. Sprinkle a handful of cheese onto each slice. About 1/3 cup on each. You can add a little more or a little less, depending on how much you like cheese, and how much you’re trying to watch your waistline.
4. Place in the toaster oven or oven on broil for 3-7 minutes, until cheese is melty.
5. Serve warm… and delicious!

delicious cheesy bread