Gingerbread House Party 2015

We did find time to have our annual Gingerbread House party this year. It was a little different, not being able to celebrate the holidays with all of our friends in Las Vegas… but we’re making new friends here in San Diego, and enjoying incorporating them into our traditions.


I like to have the party the first week in December, but we got busy, and it ended up being just a week before Christmas. It was lightly attended, as was the party the first year we did it in Las Vegas. But it was fun for those who came…


Since we have family here, we were able to invite our family, as well as friends from my son’s class.


I don’t know if the kids enjoy sampling the candy or making the houses more… but they all seem to have a good time! And they get to take their houses home when they’re done.candy-in-bowls

I made the houses a few days before out of sugar cookie, and put the houses together the day before, so they would be nice and sturdy when the kids went to decorate them. I made extras so that we adults could make our own after the kids were finished. I think the adults have as much fun as the kids do!

If you’re interested in how I set up the party, you can read more details about my gingerbread house party tradition.