I may not be here… but I am around

Both my sewing machine and serger are in the shop. Top that off with feeling crummy today… neither of which have anything to do with why I have not been around lately… but… I thought that it might alleviate a bit of my guilt do do a quick post saying that I PROMISE I will be back in the next week… especially since it will be the first week all MONTH that I do not have a trip out of state planned… by car… with a baby in the back seat…

And, I have a baby shower that I am going to the following weekend over in Cali, so I have some cute little things planned, Like maybe one of these little paci ties, and probably a pair of these adorable shoes… and as long as I’m making promises, I’m going to do a tutorial on how to make an easy gift bag… so easy you’ll be pulling out your Christmas wrapping paper to get stacks of ’em ready for the Holidays… after all, Christmas is only 7 months away…

Moore soon… I promise!

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