Made by Tante… for baby!

So, next weekend I’m off to a baby shower for my good friend J. We are so excited for her! This is her 3rd pregnancy… but only the first that has grown to term. She is going to be a great mommy, and she and her hubby T are going to be great parents! If little baby M looks anything like her parents, she is going to have a million-dollar smile, that’s for sure!

While off to Cali for the baby shower, I’ll get to see my little niece R. She is 2 months old already! Time flies!! So, for baby M and baby R, I decided I would make something extra special.

This is for my niece baby R:

 (Fabric is Felines by Laurel Burch for Clothworks)
This is for the baby shower, baby M:
(Fabric is Mary Engelbreit for VIP fabrics by Cranston Print Works Co.)

The Dress is from Rae over at Made by Rae. Hers is cuter because it has a little piping between the bodice and the skirt, and trim on the bottom, but I think it is pretty stinkin’ cute without the extra bits, too. I’ll link directly to the page once I get permission from her, since her site specifically says to ask. But, if there is a little girl in your life, you should TOTALLY check out her little dress patterns – she has several of them, and they are all insanely cute! So cute, that I predict more “Made by Tante” dresses in the futures of baby R and baby M! Oh – and I sized it up to about 6 months.

The shoes are Joanna’s pattern I found over at Stardust Shoes. Also pretty easy to make… just make sure that you have med-weight interfacing and skinny elastic on hand. I went to the store to buy the interfacing, came home, and couldn’t find the right sized elastic! Luckily, after digging around for 10 minutes, I found some!

Since I had bought the interfacing, I went ahead and made a little hat. However, this hat pattern is toddler sized… which is good because baby R hates hats, and hopefully by the time her head is big enough for it, she’ll like them! I’m not entirely thrilled with my construction on this one… so I’m sure I’ll give it a nother shot in the future for my own Little Moore. The Hat pattern comes from Abby from Sew Much Ado who did a guest post on U Create.

The pink flowers are hair clips (the big one will be clipped to the outside of the gift bag as a “bow”). I got the idea from Lollychops who got it from Julie over at Inkcredible Stamping. They are a cinch to put together… and I sewed mine rather than gluing them, to keep it soft for baby.

To the left of the shoes is a little hair band (which is my only creative contribution). I took 2 different length strips of fabric (same width, though) and sewed them into a tube, curving one end. I turned them right side out, and sewed a little piece of elastic between, tucking in the corners next to the elastic to make it look a little nicer. I tied a double-knot at the top, which matches the ties on the dress. The idea is that M’s mom can tie it the right size for little baby M when she arrives, and the elastic will help to keep it on baby M’s head, and make it easy to take on and off. Great since I have no clue how big her head will be! : )

So, there you have it… I’m all set for next weekend! Oh… except that I’m going to make some cute burp cloths for baby M… and I have to wrap the dress… but that is another post for another day!

So, Expect Moore posts soon!


  1. Those dresses are adorable! I really wish I could sew that well. The most impressive thing I’ve sewn is a half-made bag haha

    I love your blog 🙂


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