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I was in charge of the games at my friend J’s Baby shower. Of course I wanted to make sure all the ladies had a good time, as well as Momma-to-be. Since I didn’t know most of the ladies that would be there, I put together an assortment of games.

Last time I was in charge of a shower, I found an awesome list of games here. When I say awesome, I am not exaggerating… they list well over 100 different ideas for baby shower games – from very tame to outrageous! I whittled the list down to my favorites, and then had to whittle that list down once again. Here are the games we ended up with:

Guess Mom’s Tummy Size
A classic! All you need is string/yarn, scissors, and masking tape (to label the strings with the names of the guests). Each person cuts a string to the length they think will go perfectly around mommy’s tummy. This is such a funny game because most of the strings end up WAY too long… we played this game at my shower, and most of the strings were over two times too long! Probably not the best game to play with a momma-to-be who is sensitive about her weight gain.
Prize goes to the woman who’s string is closest to the actual length.

Don’t say “Cute”
As each guest enters, they’re given a clothespin (I tied a ribbon to each to make them cute, you could hot-glue anything baby or shower related to the pin if you wanted to). Guests are instructed not to say the word “cute.” Any time they catch someone saying the word cute, they get to take one clothespin from that person (if they have any). I’ve also seen this played with diaper pins, but some women are sensitive about poking holes in their clothes… another option is to use inexpensive Mardi-Gras-style bead necklaces.
Woman with the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins.

Who Can Predict What Baby Will Look Like
Grab your old magazines, some construction paper, plenty of scissors, tape and glue… Instruct guests to make a collage of what they think the baby will look like. The great thing about the medium being collage is that guests who don’t consider themselves to be very creative will be on a (relatively) even playing field with those who have a lifetime subscription to Martha. If you do this game near the beginning of the shower (even as late-comers are still arriving), you can hang them around the room to decorate the space. And the results are hysterical! See some of the entries from J’s shower below:
Mom-to-be picks her favorite of the entries.

Guess How Many Diapers!
A simple game – put diapers of any size (or of multiple different sizes) into a basket or other container. Have slips available so that guests can guess how many diapers there are. Tip: you’ll want to know how many there are ahead of time, and write it in a secret spot so that you won’t have to waste time during the shower counting. After the shower, the diapers go home with Mama-to-be.
Winner is the woman who guessed closest to the actual number.

Baby Advice Book

For this one, I bought a simple 8×8 scrapbook, and some extra pages. I brought scrap booking pens, and scrap book paper cut to 8×8. Each guest was invited to take a sheet of paper (or two) to write advice for the new mama… so when she is up at 2am and wants to pull her hair out, she can read through the book instead of calling one of us and waking us up! The advice can be serious, loving, or humorous… The backs of each sheet turned into pages where J can put pictures of the shower, or of the new baby.
Just an activity, no winner on this one.

Baby Shower Give-Away
Buy inexpensive thank-you notes. Tuck the cards away to give to mom-to-be after the shower. Have each guest write their name and address on the outside of each envelope, as if it is being addressed to them. Put them in a basket, and draw one winner to receive a “door prize.” The envelopes, with the cards, are given to mom-to-be to help her in writing thank-you notes after the shower.

Baby Shower Bingo
This is my “go to” game for any kind of shower because it takes some of the boredom out of the gift-giving process. Create a bingo sheet, or use mine below. Have a “free square” in the middle (I often use a sonogram picture of the baby in the free square, or for Bridal Showers, the couple’s engagement picture). The bottom of the paper lists different items that the mom-to-be might receive. Each guest fills in each square with an item before the gift opening starts. As each gift is opened, they cross off any items on their bingo card. This is a great way to get rid of all the “leftover” prizes you had in case there was a tie… Just make sure you keep one prize for the winner of the “Don’t Say Cute” Clothespin game!
Winners are those who get 5 in a row and shout “Bingo!” Winning continues until there are no prizes left.

Expect Moore… tomorrow! I’m posting a tutorial on how to cut fabric with the Cricut!

Baby Shower Bingo


  1. AWESOME ideas! Thanks so much for listing these Carolina! I think my favorite is the string game… I’ll bet that’s hilarious! 🙂
    -Sarah from Create Studio

  2. Gloria pack says

    Love the ideas. Very Helpful. Thanks from the bottom of my heart and God Bless!!!

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