Moore Jammies

At Christmas, Little Moore got several pairs of Pajamas. It is now June (Almost July), and he has outgrown them. Instead of buying all new pajamas, I’ve been making him some new ones. Here are #3 and #4 in the “series” of PJs.

This top one has cute car flannel pants, with ribbing at the ankles of the pants. The top is another 90 Minute Shirt, because they are super-simple to make… and because my son has a big head. Not abnormally big… but most little kids have large heads. The “onsie” style opening for the top makes it easier to put on him at bedtime. He (again, like most kids), gets cranky and uncooperative at bedtime, and having jammies that are easy to put on are a big bonus!

I free-hand painted on the top. I thought about drawing one of the cars from the pants (the pants have cars and arrows), but I decided to go the lazy route… mostly because of all the time I spent on the top for the other pair of pajamas…

These I totally love!! The fabric is 100% cotton with a cute monkey print. I free-hand painted a larger monkey on the shirt. This probably could have been better if I’d painted the monkey a little higher on the shirt… good thing to note for next time.

Again, a 90-minute shirt for the top, and simple pants with ribbing at the ankles for the bottoms.

Neither of these shirts have my super-handsome model in them because at the time I took the pictures, he was pretending to nap (not actually napping, unfortunately).

I’ll probably be making some more pjs for him in the future, but I have some fun things planned up my sleeve… and I’m working on getting some scrapbooking caught up (I’m up to Christmas ’08).

So, Expect Moore… soon!


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