It is getting hot here in Vegas. Although, today it dipped far below the 100s, and got into the 70s and 80s… it even rained a little up here where we live!

Well, Little Moore needs some more shorts that fit. I got this cute red-white-blue plaid the last time I was at JoAnns, in their 4th of July/Patriotic fabrics. It has an almost “seersucker” texture to it, and is nice and light and breezy. I love where the pant legs hit… right at the knee… just like his dad’s shorts! : )

The pattern is the same basic one I used for the PJ pants that I made, with elastic in the top, and just shortening the leg and hemming the bottoms of the legs to make shorts. The one thing that I did do differently was to add a folded piece of grosgrain ribbon in the back as the “tag” for the pants. I didn’t do that with the PJ pants, and since there is a little extra “diaper room” in the butt, I’m constantly trying to figure out which side is the front!

I like these shorts so much, I’m going to play around with some options. I’d like to see if I can create a “false fly” like you see in so many of the store-bought pants. I’d also like to experiment with a flat-front, and pockets on the pants. I’ve already got the ideas in my head… I just need to find the right fabrics to work them up in.

Finding the time should be relatively simple, too… these pants come together so quickly! In fact, the hardest part of making these pants, is trying to get a good picture of Little Moore while wearing them!

I finally got the “decent” picture up at the top by bribing him with Chocolate! Although, it serves me right for trying to get him to model for me right before naptime.

Well, I’ve got lots more to post over the next couple days… some details on how the Baby Shower went, and on Tuesday I’ll finally be posting the tutorial on how I cut fabric with my Cricket! After that, I’m going to be quiet for a couple days… I have a “procedure” at the doctor later this week… nothing too serious… but I’m going to want to rest up afterward. Don’t worry – I’ll be back!

Expect Moore! : )




  1. I just wanted to thank you for your feed back. You are so kind to take the time to let me know. I appreciate it!

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