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I have been blessed with some amazing friends. One of them is Christy. She is a fantastic, beautiful person, who always has the right words. No matter what kind of day I’m having, she can sense my mood, and knows exactly what I need to hear.

This past week, she and her sister-in-law were asking their friends to help them write letters. They were putting together 150 letters to deployed Marines in Fox Company. I couldn’t NOT participate… so I sent her a letter… and then a couple more.

But, have you ever started doing something… and then felt like you wanted to do even more? I was glad to support my friend, and the Marines in Fox Company by writing a couple letters… and by exercising my “service to others” muscle, it started to itch…

I thought about these lonely quilt squares I made over a year ago. I was making a baby quilt for a co-worker, and made a bunch of extra squares thinking I’d just make 2 of the same quilt, and then have a “ready made” baby gift for someone else. Well, the forlorn extra squares have been sitting around for months now… so I decided to put them to use on the One Million Pillowcase Challenge. These are pillowcases that we crafters make, that are then distributed to our local communities… to cancer patients, foster children, battered women, nursing home residents… whoever in the community really could use a little comfort, and a little beauty.

I took these quilt squares, and using the basic pillowcase pattern on the site, I changed things up by using the extra quilt squares in the decorative strip. Here are my results:

Some fun, colorful pillowcases! I’ll be dropping them off at one of my favorite local Quilt Shops, Quiltique. This will give me an excuse to drive down to Henderson, and an excuse to browse the store! It also gave me the opportunity to set up a play date for Little Moore with a friend that is only a few weeks older than he is (J’s mom and I met when we were both expecting).

For the rest of the night, or until my eyes can’t stay open anymore, I’ll be sewing up a storm with the rest of the gals participating in the Friday Night Sew In.

Expect Moore soon… because I’m working on some great stuff! 😀



  1. ok, I feel like crying … in a good way. Carolina, your letters were so good, we xeroxed each one at least 5 times in order to make our 160 goal, we were short 25 letters, and yours were awesome. So I dub you the mulitplication Queen of the day. What ever you touch, multiplies. 🙂 More than that, and all sillyness included and aside 😉 I love and adore you. Writing this, doing the beautiful letters and adding to the comfort of others through sharing the quilting pillowcase project is beyond words. I am forwarding this link to Jeannette so she can almost cry too at how wonderful you are. I love you.

  2. Jeannette Fair says

    Oh my gosh Carolina I am touched and inspired! Christy is right – I am teary-eyed! You are such a generous soul, sharing without hesitation or solicitation. Thank you for who you are for your family, your friends and your community. I am feeling such joy right now in learning how so many will be comforted by your talent and love. If I can help you in any way with any project you have, please let me know and I am there! Hugs, ~Jeannette

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