What a list!

Wow! I feel like I’ve gotten a TON of stuff done! After completing all the things in the last post, I then made 2 cute little burp cloths for Baby M, and 2 pacifier clips – one for Baby M and one for Baby R.

 I also took a “break” to make some PJ pants for Little Moore. I must confess that this is the first item of clothing that I have made for him… but I guarantee that it won’t be the last. Every time I looked over at him and saw him in these cute little pants, I felt like he was wearing a little piece of Love that I had made especially for him. Is that corny? Probably… but I don’t care!

I already have fabric cut for a top to go with these pants, another set of PJs, and a cute pair of plaid shorts… now I just need to find time to sew them! It is going to be a while, though… I need to finish stuff for the baby shower this weekend…

I still have to wrap up my gifts, and make a card (so much to do)! I’ve been working on the games and prizes, and I’ve also been scouring the ‘net for a diaper cover (baby bloomers) to go under the dresses I made. I Googled my fingers to the bone, and couldn’t find anything!! I thought that I was going to have to “invent” my own pattern tonight, and then lo and behold, One Pretty Thing shows up with a great (free) pattern over at Prudent Baby! It is a little big, but I’ll just use smaller elastic, and it will be fine for my 6-mo dresses! It is like the Universe knew what I needed! (Thank you, Universe, you are awesome! Now, if only you could get the repair shop to finish up my serger an get it back to me…)

Speaking of the awesome Universe, I got an e-mail in my inbox today from my Pincushion Pass buddy! Simona is (get this) a BILINGUAL Blogger in Croatia! I’m so excited! You can check out her awesome blog here. I love how everything is so green in all of her photos! Much different than life here in the desert. Although, I did spend some time in the yard this week:

the first pumpkin blossom… 
lettuce that needs about another week before I make it into a yummy salad…

 and the first pea pod! Though, what I’m going to do with just 2 peas I have no idea!

Expect Moore… soon! ; )

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