A Special Occasion & My New BFF

I hate glitter. No matter how hard you try, it gets on everything, and in everything. Glitter manages to multiply and spread itself across your entire work surface. Even taking a sidelong glance at a jar of glitter will result in glittery pieces in your hair and on your face… it really should be quarantined…

…but it is so pretty. And so sparkly. And being a girl, I love anything pretty and sparkly.

Let’s recap: I hate glitter, and I love glitter.

To appease my love/hate relationship with glitter, I only get it out for special occasions. This special occasion was my brother A’s engagement party invite. So, I pulled out the glitter paper, and went to work

After a couple revisions, and a lot of tweaking the text on the computer to get it to fit right, here is the result:

This photo really doesn’t do it justice. The white ring paper is covered in iridescent glitter, behind that is vellum I printed on the inkjet printer (I heart vellum big time – but that will have to wait for another post, one that isn’t tainted by sprinkles of glitter) and the red paper is one of my favorites, I got it from Michael’s about 4 years ago, and have been hoarding it for a special occasion. It has a hand-made paper texture, and comes from The Paper Company (Double Sided Mullberry, Red/White Hearts).

Don’t see the hearts? Take a look at the back:

And, because of the vellum envelopes, these hearts show behind the addresses on the envelopes! Yup, vellum is awesome.

Now we get to the part about my new BFF. But first, we have to mention my old BFF… I’ve known her since the 4th grade, so you’d think she’d be hard to replace… but… well… she hasn’t answered my calls in a couple months, so today, this baby took her place (a moment of silence please)*:

This is the Xyron 1.5″ Sticker Creator. I was able to toss the evil little glitter squares in, and when I pulled them out the other side, their backs were covered in adhesive! This adhesive is amazing stuff, because it kept the holes in the middle of the rings un-adhesived (which is not a word, but should be). Plus, it was super simple, and super fast! I bought this sucker a couple months ago for about $10, thinking it might come in handy… and now it has!**

So the invites are all done, and in the mail… and my new BFF has been put away, but I’m sure he will come out to play again soon. By the way, did I mention that the plastic has sparkles? SWOON!

Expect Moore… soon!

* Just kidding, Dawn, you are totally still my BFF, but if you could figure out a way to add adhesive to things, it would go a long way to strengthen our friendship. 😀
** Xyron has paid me nothing for this endorsement because, after all, they probably don’t know this blog exists. If they did, I’m sure I’d be rolling in dough (a girl can dream, right?).

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