Button, Button… match the button!

I needed to find 2 sets of matching buttons to use as eyes on softies I had made. So, I went to my hoard of buttons, which looks like this:

You would think that with all these buttons, I’d easily be able to find a set of blue and a set of green buttons that would work as eyes, right? Well… we’d both be wrong. I ended up with this:

Not a pair to be had! I finally did find a set of blue, and settled on black instead of green. One day, when I have nothing else to do (or Little Moore gets old enough to sort buttons), I’m going to do this:

These buttons are from a stash that was passed to me by my Tante. She got them from a neighbor (she has awesome neighbors, by the way). That neighbor had put together sets of buttons… through safety pins, a paper clip, or piece of thread. How awesome!

Too bad she didn’t have any sets of little blue or green ones.

Expect Moore… soon!


  1. I think that is Murphy’s Law for buttons. When you need a certain number, you always come up short by one! I wish someone would make it a trend to use mismatching buttons!

    Good luck with organizing! For now, I have them in jars by color.

  2. I only wish I had such a great stash of buttons – regardless of whether any of them matched! Great idea to organize them, though.

  3. I’ll have to remember this for my buttons. I have a tiny stash since I’ve just gotten on a big crafting kick as of late, but can see mine easily getting as mixed up as yours. Thanks for the idea!

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