My first Siggie Square

Here it is! My “Siggie” square. I have about a dozen finished, and the pieces for about 60 more… plus more fabric to make more if I need.

In the middle each participant puts something significant to them. Mine is the “m.” There are all kinds of great “m” words… mom, moore… and me! : D

Before I mail each out, I write my name, city, country, and the month/year on the sides, with a fabric pen.

I’m mailing this first one to Annelies, which will get me put on “the list” so that I can exchange these quilt blocks with people all around the world!

Learn more about it here, and e-mail Annelies if you would like to join up. She does take a “break” from sign-ups in August.

Friday Night Sew in is tonight! I’m hoping to get lots and lots done! : D

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