My Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

… and the Friday Night Sew In (which in no way relates to the title… but the rest of this post does)

(If you want to skip the bits about my life, you have my permission to scroll down to the picture)

Yesterday morning, I was so excited about Friday Night Sew In. But not right when I woke up. Because when I woke up, it was to Little Moore peeking over the side of the bed saying “HI!”

LM has childproofing doorknobs on his door. He shouldn’t be able to get out and about on his own. I jumped out of bed to check… and YES! He still had his pants on! Lately, LM has been pulling off his pants, and peeing all over the place. I was very glad to see that his pants were still in place.

It was time to get up anyway, so we went downstairs for breakfast… where I found my laptop. And all my laptop keys. LM pointed to the-pile-of-keys-formerly-known-as-the-keyboard and said, “Mess!”

Yes, LM, yes… it is a mess. Apparently, someone had already been “up and at ’em” for some time.

{but wait, there’s more}

45 minutes later, I was popping the last of the keyboard keys into place. LM had been quiet for a little while (never a good sign) so I went looking for him upstairs. As I reached the top of the stairs, I noticed a “pee puddle.” I called for LM, and he came running… with no pants on. His legs were mysteriously smeared with chocolate… Oh wait… that’s not Chocolate…

I took off LM’s shirt, and tossed him in the bath to soak off the “Chocolate.” I then went hunting for the “source.” I found his diaper on the train table, and next to it were two “Chocolate Logs.” And about a dozen toys with various amount of “Chocolate” on them. Oh, and the carpet was smeared in… poop (sorry, I can only pretend for so long).

I got to cleaning, and got it pretty well cleaned up (I dumped the worst toys in the sink to soak). LM and I got bathed, and dressed to go run errands.

{but wait, there’s more}

Then I remembered that we couldn’t run errands until I changed the locks. You see, when I took my car to get smogged a couple days ago… my house key mysteriously went missing. Now, I’m not saying that the three 17-22 year olds who smogged my car (and therefore have my home address) also took my house key off of the keyring… but I wasn’t taking any risks. I’d bought new locks, and I needed to put them on before leaving the house.

LM “helped.” He was such a “big helper,” mixing up all the pieces, and throwing the screws I needed into the front yard so that I could hunt for them. I don’t know how I could have done it without him… in fact, I’m confident that without his “help” I would have been done in half the time.

{but wait, there’s more}

As I was finishing up the locks, LM wanted some juice. I poured him some juice, and went back to the locks. I heard a strange noise in the kitchen, and went to look. Turns out I didn’t put away the giant (mostly full) gallon of apple juice. I’d left it on the counter. LM had “helped” some more by pouring himself some juice… and then pouring the entire rest of the gallon of juice onto the counter… and onto the floor. So, I had to clean up another sticky mess.

After all of this… and running errands two hours late… with a cranky kid… I was really looking forward to Friday Night Sew In. When I finally got LM to bed, the laundry folded, and sat in my chair to get to work… It was already 10pm! But, I didn’t let that stop me, here is what I worked on:

(clockwise from top) – Finished last 2 banners for engagement party – Mostly done pants for pocket week – Button hole shapes – Button hole book – Failed button hole book that is now a needle book
Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. : )
Expect Moore… soon!


  1. Boy does this post bring back memories for me. haha And I see you put the word poop in labels for this post; I almost died laughing. Sometimes all you can do is laugh! Thanks for the memories and for telling us of the Friday Night Sew Ins….I am going to have to give it a go for sure. Your newest follower. Pam @ Sallygoodin

  2. Oh my! I have two children (grown now) and I don’t think I ever had a day that bad. Hope all of your next days are better.

  3. As a mother of four, I can totally relate. I am impressed at your calmness and coolness. Maintaining your sense of humor helps tremendously!!!

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