I’m working on decorations for A & B’s Engagement party. We’re doing an outdoor BBQ at the park, and I thought that pennant bunting would be lots of fun!

I saw a quick description of Birthday Bunting at Explanation Required. I’m sure there are at least a dozen more tutorials and explanations around the internet.

Instead of looking for another tutorial that gave me measurements, I dove in. I decided that 10″ tall by 6″ wide was a good size. Those are the “wedding dress” pennants in the back.

When they were done, I decided that they were a little skinny for my taste, and so I made a new set on the fruit fabric that are 10″ tall by 8″ wide. I like these wider ones better. It is good to note that, for these wider pennants, I use about 12-13 triangles for one strip of store-bought bias tape. I had cut enough triangles for 2 strands, and had a couple left over… I’m not concerned about having leftovers, though. I’ll be making more pennants in the future, and I’ll just save up all my extra triangles until I have enough to make a string with an assortment of different fabrics!

Expect Moore… soon!

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