The Creative Gene – Working for a Cure

I grew up thinking it was normal to be creative. I really didn’t understand why people bought their Halloween costumes at a store, when you can just make it yourself (or have mom make it).

I later learned that the “creative gene” is a dominant one in my family… my mom and two of her sisters have it, and I get it from my Tante J on my Dad’s side too!

No surprise then, that I married into a creative family. My Mother in Law is a serious seamstress (my hubby, too, never had a Halloween with a store bought costume). And one of her sisters (Auntie V) is an amazing quilter. She does beautiful, heirloom-quality work. Hubby and I have been fortunate enough to be gifted several of her quilts, and Little Moore even has a couple. She’s talented and generous!

So generous, that this year Auntie V is donating a quilt. This Quilt:

Isn’t it beautiful? It is so pretty in this picture – which really doesn’t do it justice! She lives in Alabama, and made it especially for the event, then sent it out here so that we could raffle off tickets to make even more money for the American Cancer Society this year.

See the purple button up on the right, near the top of the sidebar? That’s for the Relay for Life that my family participates in every year. More than a half dozen years ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she beat it (yay Mom!!). The town my folks live in has a Relay for Life the first weekend of October, every year. We’ve been participating every year since my mom’s diagnosis. She organizes the team, and all us kids (and now the grandkids), and a bunch of friends come walk with her – which is why she named the team “Walk With Me.”

This year, she changed the name a little bit. We’re “Walk With Me… For Lucas.” My 7-year-old cousin Lucas was diagnosed with Lukemia a year ago. He’s undergoing intensive 3-year treatment, and his prognosis is good… but it wouldn’t be without all the Cancer Research funded by groups like the American Cancer Society.

So, we’ll be selling tickets for Auntie V’s beautiful quilt, which we will raffle off at the event, as well as collect other donations – all the money is gong to the American Cancer Society.

Thanks and a million hugs to both Auntie V, and the wonderful folks at Quilter’s Refuge in Decatur Alabama who donated the quilting. One day, we will find a cure!

Expect Moore… soon!

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