Tie Down Towels

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I saw this tutorial for a stay-put kitchen towel over at Pin, Sew, Press, and knew that I would have to give it a try.

Most of my kitchen towels are various shades of blue, with white accents. I got some white fabric with a dark and light blue print on it, which will work with most all of the towels.

I followed the directions, and they came together easily, and they really do stay put! Unlike the other tie-down towels I’ve bought at the store, these are full-sized towels.

Once I finish all the kitchen towels, I’m considering making some out of hand towels for the guest bath! I do have quite a few towels (I’ve collected so many due in part to them not staying put, and due in part to my not wanting to do laundry daily), so it will probably be a while!

After I hung up the first towel, extraordinarily proud of it, my husband had this to say, “nice.” And that was after being prompted! **Sigh**

Oh well, at least I now have towels that stay put. As for a husband who appreciates them… well, I’ll work on that one…

Expect Moore… soon!

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