Turning Tiny Things

While I was making the Pincushion for my partner in the Pincushion Pass, there were tiny, tiny pieces. A tail, a head, and four little arms. Each needed to be turned. But they were so tiny! Suddenly, an idea came to me of how to turn them. I came up with it myself, but I’m sure that someone else has had the idea before.

Well, just in case I truly am the inventor, I thought I would share this, take all the credit, and make sure that someone names a day after me. 😀

Step 1
Put tiny piece between fingers and “scrunch.”

Step 2
Stick a pin through just one layer (the top layer), and push between the layers until you get to the bottom (opening).

Step 3
Start pulling the pin through.

Step 4
As the pin head nears the opening, gently guide the opening over the bulk of the fabric.

Step 5
Finish pulling it through, remove the pin, and smooth out the fabric. Voila!

Just to share, I’m not the only one on the planet with super-genius. There’s lots of us. Another amazing genius is Rae… she has an absolutely genius way to turn straps and other narrow “tubes” of fabric, check it out in this tutorial at Made by Rae.

Expect Moore… soon!


  1. This is a great idea. I have had issues with the tiny parts too! Thanks.

  2. OK. From now on July 11 will be national ‘Turn Tiny Things Day’ in your honor! This is a great idea. I can’t tell you how many pointless hours I’ve spent trying to turn tiny little things. Thank you!

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