Manly Lunch Sack

When I cook, I cook for 6-8 people… which is more than enough for us. So much more, that it provides for leftovers! We love leftovers in our house. I love them because they give me an excuse not to cook on some nights. Hubby loves them because he can take them to work as a yummy lunch.

He’s been taking his lunch to work in plastic grocery bags because normal lunch sacks are too small. They don’t fit the leftovers, a soda, a couple bottles of water, and a piece of fruit. Luckily he has a creative wife! I made him this reusable lunch sack using a rough brown cloth on the outside, and part of a vinyl tablecloth for the inside. The vinyl is super easy to wipe off in the event that something spills, and the brown mimics the look of a brown paper bag – that way he has a “manly” lunch sack, and not something frilly or girly. I was really careful when making it that it would look as manly as possible, and not look cutesie and home-sewn. He really isn’t a “cutesie home sewn” kind of guy. Just further proof that opposites attract. : )

The lining is rolled over the top of the bag, and stitched down. I used red Velcro down the front and back, so the bag can be closed by rolling the top down.

Originally, I didn’t put a handle on it. However, hubby said that it was awkward for him to carry, and suggested adding the handle… so I did!


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