Pocket Week – Curved Butt Pockets

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Today’s clothing item are yet another pair of shorts for LM. Fair warning: Though I love the design, I’m not so sure about the fabric. As I was working with it, it started to remind me of a cross between “jailhouse stripes” and “Fourth of July.”

Start by tracing an existing pair of pants. If you made a pattern from Sunday’s L-shaped Pocket Pants, you can use that.

Cut your pocket shape from a folded piece of fabric, with the fold at the top.

Turn pockets right sides together, and pin edges.

Sew around edges, leaving a gap for turning.

Clip and turn the pockets. Pin the pockets onto pants, then stitch them down. After finishing, I noticed that these are pretty high. You’ll want the bottom of the curve level with the crotch of the pants, or just a “scootch” higher (a scootch is a very specific unit of measurement here in the Moore household).

Sew the pants together, first the mid seam, then the side and crotch seams.

Iron down the top about 1/4″, then down another 1 1/4″, making the casing for the elastic. Iron the pant leg up 1/4″, then up another 1/2″, making the hem on the pant leg.

Sew down the pant leg hems. Sew around the waistband, leaving a gap to insert the elastic. Insert the elastic and then sew the waistband shut. Then, you’re all done!

Expect Moore… soon!

You’ll want to come back at Noon to check out Crafty Staci’s Post!

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