Pocket Week Guest Post – Creating a beautiful "Pocket" of space with Candace from Loft32

I have to admit something really crazy here – I went to a mall last weekend in San Diego with my mom (no, that’s not the crazy part), and as we went into the stores, I thought about how much this shirt or that skirt reminded me of something I’ve seen on a Blog. This is not because bloggers are ripping off the designers or vice versa – it is because I haven’t stepped foot in a Mall since Christmas (unless Target counts as a Mall?). I am hopefully outdated when it comes to fashion, and trends. It is a good thing that jeans and plain t-shirts never got out of style (um, they are still in style, right?)

This is where Candace comes in… she has got true style when it comes to home decor (want to help me out with my beige walls?). She scours the stores, web, catalogs, whatever, and comes up with great posts consolidating all of it. She also shows before and afters of her own renovation projects (she’s not just “talking the talk” when it comes to decor…) Thanks to her wonderful blog I can now tell you about stylish bathroom renovating and upscale pastels. I can even chat about classy birdhouses… 
all while wearing my jeans and white t-shirt…

Hi! I’m Candace, the editor of Loft32 blog. I’m honored to be your guest blogger for the day during this exciting “Pocket Week”. So, let’s get to it….There’s no doubt that we’re all talented crafters, scrapbookers or seamstresses….but let’s face it, we have lots of clutter! In order to create our masterpieces, it requires tons of “stuff” (your husband might call it something else) such as: stamps, ink pads, scissors, fabric, yarn, equipment, paper, glue and other necessities!
Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have an entire room to work in. Nope! Instead, we have our little “pocket” of space that was designated as our “work area”! Keeping organized is one way to keep your sanity, but what about how it fits in with that chic decor of the rest of the house? Usually, people come over and you say-“this is my gorgeous kitchen, this is my lovely master bedroom, and…oh yeah, that’s my craft area” and then rush them quickly passed it, hoping they didn’t have time to catch a glimpse of the chaos! Just so you know…it IS absolutely possible to turn that “pocket” into an attractive, decorated space-one you’ll want to show off to your guests and one which blends in well with the rest of your decor style. Here are some examples of some chic crafting spaces of all sizes!

[photos courtesy of BHG and Houzz]
Most of these crafters didn’t use cabinets, but instead they chose open shelving. Cabinets tend to make smaller spaces look tiny, so even though you have tons of things to place on your shelves, it’s still best to keep them open, which allows better access too!
Hopefully, these spaces presented some great ideas and some really unique ways to stay organized, store your notions and keep it chic!
Okay Candace, I am totally blown away!  So much fantastic inspiration… It is a good thing that Pocket Week is almost over so that I can use some of these great ideas to organize my “Crafty Pocket” of the house!


  1. love how you talked about pockets of space not just the pockets on clothes… We all could use more POCKETS. Thanks for letting me be a sponsor

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