Pocket Week – Racecar Pockets

Like most young boys, LM loves playing with his cars. After being so excited about pants pockets that were deep enough to put cars in, I knew I needed to make him a car mat that he could put his cars in.

You can find a dozen different versions of this around the internet… but this is my version. It has a flap that covers the cars, making it easier to roll up without them falling out, and the “car pockets” are only half as deep as a standard matchbox car, making it easier to put the cars in, and take them out. It is so funny, LM always insists on putting them in facing the same direction! He is so particular about stuff like that! : )

Today’s sponsor, to go along with the car theme, is JDLady. She has a fantastic etsy shop, with all kinds of stuff… but I fell in love with her little wooden pocket cars! Today’s winner (chosen from among my followers) will get a car sent to them! You also have a second chance to win – on Sunday we will be picking another winner from those that posted their pocket projects to the pocket linky.

Click here to check out JD Lady’s shop:

On to our project!

Start with some awesome fabrics. One for the roads, one for the backing, and one for the flap.
Next, cut your fabrics. I wanted to make sure mine fit on the coffee table in our living room, so I cut mine 15″ wide, and used the length of the fabric. I cut the backing 11″ longer than the road fabric. The flap was cut 15″x5″. I cut enough fabric to make two at the same time, one for LM and one for his cousin (who just had a birthday).
We’ll start with the flap. Fold “Hot Dog Style” and sew the two short ends closed. For the whole project we’ll be using a 1/4″ seam allowance, but use a seam allowance about 1/8″ larger here, so that we can avoid the flap when top stitiching at the end. Clip corners, turn, and press.
Now stack your fabrics with the top and bottom fabrics having their right sides together, and the flap sandwiched in the middle. Sew all the raw edges together.
Then, match up your top and bottom fabrics on the other short end. Pin around 3 sides. Your backing fabric will end up folded and facing itself at the other end, which is what we want.
Sew the 3 sides just pinned, leaving a hole for turning it right side out. Clip the corners, turn it right side out, and  press the edges. On one side, you should only see backing fabric. On the other side, you’ll see all 3 fabrics. On the end with the backing fabric sticking out, fold the end up about 1.5″ to make the pocket.
Pin down, and top stitch around the entire piece, making sure to avoid stitching down your flap. You may want to pin a piece of ribbon on the opposite edge to tie your roll up when not in use.
Mark along the pocket edge with your quilting pen or chalk pencil, I made 6 pockets along this end, each 2″ wide.
Stitch along these lines to make your pockets, and you’re all done! 
Roll up with a package of matchbox cars, and you’ve got a great gift for any little boy!

Expect Moore (pockets)… soon!

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  1. I wish my little boys were into cars so I could make this for them! Maybe a nephew! I’d love it if you’d stop by my Topsy Turvy Tuesday Link party and add this adorable project!

  2. Wow this is great. Been wanting to make something like this!

  3. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  4. Very cute! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  5. Anonymous says

    Just found this online-going to make my 2 kiddos one each for Easter-have some fabric and a set of cars each in my gift stash and they will love it!!

    Thanks for the directions!


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