Pocket Week – Saturday Winner!

Today’s Pocket Week Sponsor is Plumebella. She has a wonderful Etsy shop chock-full of natural beauty products – lotions, soaps, skinwash, and lip balm
She even sells her lipbalm in cute little containers, small enough to fit in the 5th Pocket of a pair of jeans! Great for us busy gals on the go! And, it keeps you from having that funky “chapstick bulge” in your pocket. Go check out her Etsy shop for all kinds of great items… you can also find her at her Facebook Page!

I’m giving away some of her 5th pocket balm tonight to one lucky follower… and then again tomorrow to someone who has linked to the Linky Party! If you’re not a follower, or haven’t linked up… you have until noon tomorrow… the final winners will be announced tomorrow afternoon!

According to random.org, today’s lucky number is #43! Congratulations Nancy’s Couture! Congratulations!

Make sure you come back tomorrow as we give away EIGHT Prizes to followers and linkers!! 🙂

Expect Moore…soon!

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