Pocket Week – "Standard" Pockets

Today’s Pocket Week Sponsor is Plumebella. She has a wonderful Etsy shop chock-full of natural beauty products – lotions, soaps, skinwash, and lip balm.

She even sells her lipbalm in cute little containers, small enough to fit in the 5th Pocket of a pair of jeans! Great for us busy gals on the go! And, it keeps you from having that funky “chapstick bulge” in your pocket. Go check out her Etsy shop for all kinds of great items… you can also find her at her Facebook Page!

I’m giving away some of her 5th pocket balm tonight to one lucky follower… and then again tomorrow to someone who has linked to the Linky Party!

I didn’t put a 5th pocket on these shorts (though I suppose I could have), mostly because this was the pocket I was dreading. To cut the curves… and match them up… it was going to be a huge pain! Then, I thought up a “cheater method.”

I’m still not entirely happy with how these pants came out – I still wanted to share. These were much easier to make than I thought they would be, and I know exactly what changes I’ll make to have them come out “perfect” next time… I’ll share those changes with you here in the tutorial (so yours can come out perfect the first time)!

Cut out your pants pieces.
Cut out your rectangles to use for your pockets. I cut mine 5×14. I should have cut them 5×18 or 5×20 to make deeper pockets. You’ll want to cut yours at least as long as from the top of the pants to the bottom of the front crotch seam (multiply this length by 2). Cut 2 rectangles.
Place the rectangle pockets on top of your front pants pieces (make sure you have the front pieces).
Make your template. You will want to account for at least 2.5″ on the top that will become the casing. Even though 1″ of this casing will still show on the front, you don’t want to “count” it as part of the pocket. I did, which is why I have tiny little pockets. For the size rectangle I used for the pocket, my curve should go across 3″ and down 6.”
Cut your template, lay it on the fabric, and trace with a quilting pen.
Pin the fabrics together so they don’t wiggle while sewing. Make sure your fabrics are Right Sides Together.
Sew on the curve you drew. Then, cut off the excess fabric to 1/4″, and clip your curve.
Turn the pocket so the pocket is on the inside of your pants. Fold up the bottom half of the fabric, and pin the inside edge. Just pin through the pocket fabric, not the front of the pants.
Sew the pinned seam. Flip your pieces over, and pin everything together so it doesn’t slide around during the next steps. You may want to use safety pins if you’re worried about poking yourself.
Now start sewing your pants together. First, sew the front and back crotch seams. Then, sew your sides and your middle crotch seam.
Fold over the top 1/4″, then 1″, to make the casing for the elastic. Fold up the bottom of the pants 1/4″, then another 1/4″ to make the hem. Stitch down (leaving a hole in the casing seam to insert your elastic). Insert the elastic, stitch closed, and you’re done!
This may be the last day of Pocket Week… but we still have 2 more posts to go! Tomorrow is the big prize giveaway, so make sure that you’re a follower, and that you’ve uploaded your pocket project to the linky!

Expect Moore…soon!

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