Pocket Week – The Belly Pocket

The Ruby Rabbit has a fantastic Etsy shop, filled with all kinds of creative things. Several of them caught my eye, but one really caught my eye… a magnet made from a domino. She had glammed up this domino, and added the following saying, “Friends are like Pockets…you can never have too many!” Clearly, this magnet was made for me! Well, for me to be able to give to you, anyway… because The Ruby Rabbit is today’s sponsor!

She’s letting me give away two of these adorable magnets – one tonight to one of my followers! The other will be saved for the mega-prize-bonanza on Sunday, to someone who linked to the Pocket Linky, as we celebrate the end of Pocket Week!

Today’s pocket is simple, but one of my favorites. The “Belly Pocket” Most often seen on sweaters, I decided to add one to a shirt I was making for Little Moore. If you’d like to follow along, I’m just adding this pocket to the 90 minute shirt tutorial over at Made, but you could add it to a pre-made shirt as well.

All you need for this pocket is a scrap of knit fabric, and some ribbing. Start by cutting your scrap. Mine is 5×9 for a 3T sized shirt. Make yours smaller or larger, based on the size of your shirt. Then, cut off the corners.

Pin the ribbing on the sliced corners. I used a 2″ piece of ribbing folded in half. Stretch the ribbing a little bit. Make sure you stretch it all flat while you sew it down.

Stitch the ribbing on. I sewed in 1/4″ from the edge, then 1/8″ from the edge to make the double-stitching. It is now going to look a little wonky.

Press everything flat, and trim the edges even.
Fold the raw edges in. I folded mine in somewhere between 1/4″ and 1/2″.
Pin the pocket onto the front of the shirt. Use lots of pins to make sure that it is secure. You’ll want to pin it only a few inches from the bottom of the shirt, and the top should be lower than the armpits.
Double-stitch all your folded edges, just like you did when sewing on the ribbing.
If you are making the shirt, finish up the steps. If you used a store-bought shirt, you’re done! : )

Now go make some Cargo Pants to go with this shirt, because Pockets are like friends… you can never have too many! {… or something like that}

Expect Moore… soon!


  1. Loving all your different pockets!

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