Pocket Week – Wednesday Winners!

Pocket Week today was sponsored by both Sharon of Purses Totes and Things and Jessica of Miss Fi Kingdom. Thanks, Ladies!

Sharon has a great Etsy shop filled with bags, wallets, crayon rolls (I’m loving the pockets going on there Sharon!) any way you can add some pockets to the jewelry? Ummm… maybe I’m taking it a bit too far! But, you should absolutely check out her shop! And the winner is…#43! Congratulations, Jill! There is a message waiting for you in your inbox!

Our second sponsor, Miss Fi Kingdom also has a great shop filled with “fairy approved items.” If you don’t know what “fairy approved” means, you should swing by her shop, and you’ll see! The pocket tin Jessica is giving away is one-of-a-kind, just like the rest of her work. Make sure you check out her Etsy Shop! You can also catch Jessica on the Miss Fi Kingdom Facebook page. And the winner is… #12! Congratulations Patti Ann! There is a message waiting in your inbox as well!

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