W {to the} oot!

Last week I had a total blast with Pocket Week! It was a little crazy (life got in the way of me getting all the prep done that I’d wanted to), but I got it all done, learned a lot, and had a blast! I hope y’all enjoyed it too!

Between all things pocket related, some totally Woot-worthy things happened. It felt strange to try and insert them in the middle of Pocket Week, so I’ve saved them all up in this post:

WOOT! I got a position as an Editor over at the new eLivingMedia. You really should check it out! There are some fantastic things going on! A lively forum, great articles (you’ll find a version of my Cut Fabric with Cricut article, and a new post from me with Photography Tips for the “Non-Pro”). There is also an awesome mentor program for bloggers – so if you’d like to find a mentor, or you’re interested in mentoring someone else, make sure you check that out too!

WOOT! I got my first and second posts on Totally Tutorials. I’d sent in a couple different tutorials, and the Apron with “Secret” Comfort Ruffles AND my Pocket Photo Album made it in!

WOOT! I was selected to receive “Simply Spray” to try out, and create a tutorial. I LOVE using new products, and can’t wait for it to come in so that I can work on some fun stuff! They sent me a super-sweet message telling me that I was wonderfully creative… it made me feel all warm and fuzzy!

WOOT! My first month’s envelope of strange stuff to create with came in from the Christy Nelson Craft Challenge. I’m looking forward to coming up with something fun before the end of the month!

WOOT! I was featured on One Pretty Thing three times in one week! Rachel is awesome in putting together roundups of great projects, and being linked up on One Pretty Thing is like being on the “Oprah’s Favorite Things” of the blogosphere!

WOOT! (You moms will “feel me” on this one) We’re making progress on the potty-training front! LM isn’t quite 2 yet, so we’re doing great! He has even pooped in the potty!! : ) Though, some days it feels like we’re taking more steps back than we are forward…

Moore to come… WOOT!

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