Before and After Sewing Machine Cover

Little Moore loves sneaking into my sewing room and playing with my sewing machine. He plays with the settings, so I never know what my sewing machine will be set to when I sit down at it!

After I mentioned this to my mom, she gave me her sewing machine cover. It belongs to her old, broken sewing machine, so she doesn’t use it anymore. It doesn’t fit on my machine perfectly, but it does the job… my sewing machine stays the way I left it!

However, the cover wasn’t super cute. And I wanted it to be super cute. So, I added a little Mary Englebreit fabric with some ModPodge (a bright sunny yellow with cute red cherries), added a little ric-rac, and voila! Cute and functional!



  1. Now, that’s what I call a very clever idea and kudos to you for doing it… Hello from Lady Bloggers… Come visit when you can… Now I’m off to look over your blog.

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