Blue Flames with Simply Spray

Simply Spray sent me a whole bunch of their spray fabric paint, and I’ve been having a lot of fun using it. After making tie-dye shirts for the sons of my “California Hippie” friend, I wanted to make some shirts for Little Moore. But, not tie dye. ‘Cuz we live in Nevada… not California. : )

I started out with a blue shirt. Simply Spray recommends pre-washing clothing, but I was lazy and decided not to. The paint really will last better and longer if you pre-wash the shirt before spraying.

Since I wanted something easy, cool, and fun looking, I decided to fold the shirt so that one side was showing:

Once I had the shirt laid out, I wrinkled it up, making sure to wrinkle the sleeve.
Starting at the bottom, I sprayed silver Simply Spray most of the way up. I repeated the process several times, going up less and less each time.
I decided that the silver looked too “glittery” and therefore too “girly,” so I decided to tone it town with a super-quick spray of black:
Once dry, I un-wrinkled the shirt, and found that in all my multiple sprays, I had over sprayed onto the paper, and some of the silver leaked onto the un-painted side of the shirt, so I covered it with a quick spray of silver, and then another spray of black.
The next day, I used a fabric pen to write on the shirt, giving it a little more character. LM loved it so much he demanded to wear it immediately, even though it didn’t exactly “go” with the pants he was wearing!

If you liked this Simply Spray project, you’re going to LOVE the super-quick shirt I’m going to show you tomorrow!


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