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The wonderful folks at Simply Spray sent me a TON of their products to try out. Seriously, a TON!! Isn’t it awesome!? You are going to see lots of fun projects made with this stuff!

I’ve never used spray-on fabric paint before, and although I have lots of ideas (you’ll be seeing some soon), I wanted to test the product on a simple project. I saw that Simply Spray is good for tie dye, and thought I’d try that.

I remember doing “traditional” tye dye at Girl Scout Camp. It involved giant buckets filled with messy liquids, long drying times, and a big mess. I was not anxious to go through that kind of mess. Luckly, Simply Spray is MUCH easier than the “old school” tie dye!

I started with two cheap shirts from Hobby Lobby. They just opened here in Vegas, and so I got them for 50% off! Score! After laying out protective paper on my patio, I pinched a spot in the middle of each shirt and twisted a spiral, making sure to get the sleeves pinched and twisted. Perfection is not needed here – in fact, imperfection is better. : ) Just remember that tighter twists will mean less color, so a loose spiral is best.
I sprayed the shirts with green Simply Spray, making sure to start and end on my paper protective surface, just like it says on the box. You can see why, here. Those dots might add interest to the shirts, or they might make it look strange. Also, I sprayed well, but did not soak, I didn’t want everything to get so saturated it starts dripping or sticking together.
I waited about 10 minutes, and then un-twisted the shirts.
Cute, but I wanted more! I re-twisted the shirts, pinching in roughly the same spot I did before.
You can see some of the green and some of the white. This is good. I then sprayed with the blue, remembering to start and stop off the shirt and on my paper. One even coat of paint was plenty.
After waiting another 10 minutes or so, I un-twisted, and marveled at the ease of modern technology – taking the mess out of tie dye!

These two shirts will be sent to a friend of mine (who reads this blog, but doesn’t know about these shirts… yet). She lives in California and recently installed solar panels on her roof. When she told me about the recent solar panel installation, I did what all good friends do… instead of congratulating her on her commitment to clean energy, I teased her about being a granola-eating, tie-dye wearing hippie! : D Because we’ve been friends for over two decades, she immediately recognized my comment as jealousy, and simply responded that she, her husband, and her sons, don’t own any tie-dye shirts. Thanks, Simply Spray, for helping me rectify a serious imbalance in the universe!

I fully expect her to take photos of her kids, wearing these shirts, eating bowls of granola, and sitting on their solar paneled roof. Okay, maybe not the roof part… and knowing my friend, the granola will probably look a lot more like Chocolate Chip cookies… : )



  1. My son would love this tie dye shirt idea. Thanks for posting it. I’m going to give it a try with him.

  2. its great..awesome…I always love your work..very nice…

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