Super Simple Simply Spray Shirt

If I’d had Simply Spray when I was a teen, I’m sure that half my wardrobe would have been colorfully sprayed! As it was, a good portion of my shirts growing up became victims of several bottles of puff paint!

Ever since the folks at Simply Spray sent me a big box of different sprays, I haven’t been able to keep my hands off of them! And, I have still more project ideas… good thing I haven’t found the bottom of a single can yet!

As I was experimenting, I tried yellow Simply Spray on a red shirt for Little Moore. Simply Spray blends right into the fabric, unlike Puff Paint which stays on top. This means that Simply Spray will make the clothing less stiff than traditional fabric paints, but also means that you can’t use lighter colors on darker colors… except…

After giving the red shirt a good coat of yellow, I let it dry. Completely. This is very important on this project.
Once the shirt was dry, I did a quick swirl of black. Because the yellow had dried into the shirt, it created a little bit of a barrier between the fibers of the shirt and the black paint, preventing the black paint from soaking in completely, giving the paint a fun and different look… a little more “splattered” and a little less blended.
Once the paint had dried, I decided to add a few words with a fabric pen, and voila!

Yet another great shirt for LM! Watch out… Simply Spray is addictive!


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