Pumpkin Week – Little Pumpkin Pillow

 I love decorating for the holidays, starting with Halloween. Different rooms in my house require different levels of kitchy-ness. My formal living room I like to keep a little more… formal. I still wanted to toss in a little Halloween, but without being to cutesy. That’s where these pillows come in. With the little Jack-o-lantern fabric covered buttons, they still capture the Halloween spirit without going overboard, plus, they were super easy to make!

The finished pillows are about 8.5×8.5, making them perfect for tossing in the corner of a sitting chair. For sofa pillows, you would want to use larger buttons and make larger pillows, to get a similar effect.

Start with a covered button kit that you can find at most craft/fabric stores.
Trace the circle pattern from the back of the box onto fabric.
Cut out, and follow the button-making instructions…
About a minute later, you’ll have a fabric covered button!
Cut 2 squares of the pillow fabric 9×9″.
With right sides together, sew around all 4 sides, leaving a hole for turning. Clip the corners.
Turn right side out, then stuff the pillow.
Sew closed the opening, and prepare to sew on the button.
Sew on the button, and use a fabric-safe pen to make a jack-o-lantern face.
Add a small piece of green felt as the stem with a dab of glue, and you’re done!
You can make several pillows with different faces, making a whole family of Pumpkin Pillows!

I hope you enjoyed this project… come back tomorrow for more Pumpkin Week Fun!




  1. This turned out very cute, and very understated. I like!

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