Pumpkin Week – Pumpkin Ornaments

I love decorating for fall. For lots of reasons. One of which is that it means that I’ll soon be decorating for Christmas {{yipee!}}! To me, the coming of fall doesn’t mean the turning of the leaves – I grew up on the west coast where our leaves go from green to brown overnight with no fun red and orange stage between. Fall, however, does mean I get to enjoy the scents of pumpkins and apples. It means yummy fall colors. It means that it will soon be time to slip into warm cozy sweaters…

To tide me over until the time comes to put up Christmas Ornaments, I decided to make some fun pumpkin ornaments! These are so super easy, you’ll be finding an excuse to make them for every holiday – just make sure to stock up on the clear ornaments now!

To make these ornaments, start with clear glass or plastic ornaments, available at most craft stores in the Christmas section.
Grab some orange acrylic paint.
Pop the top off of an ornament, and squirt in some paint. Carefully swirl around the paint to coat all the sides. You may want to tap the sides as well to get the paint to move quicker.
When the inside is all coated, put the top back on. My top had small holes in the top so that the paint could continue to dry.
Paint the top with green acrylic paint, and allow to dry. String a ribbon through the top, hang and enjoy!

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is, consider making a bunch at the same time… as decorations to tie to the top of gifts, as decorations, on wreaths, hanging from doorknobs… the list is endless!

Stop back by for more yummy, crafty, and pumpkin-y goodness!



  1. Cute!!! I like how these turned out, too!

  2. So cute! Maybe when my kids are bigger. I hate seeing my neat projects destroyed my a child! ha ha

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