Pumpkin Week – Rice Krispy Pumpkins

I can’t tell you why Rice Krispy Treats remind me of fall. It could be because it is a very typical lunch box treat for back-to-school time. Maybe it is because it was served at virtually every school celebration in grade school. It is possible that Rice Krispy Treats remind me of fall because as the holiday season gears up, our time to bake and create gets scrunched… and so we turn to easy and yummy treats like these.
If you want to make these yourself, there are a couple tricks that will make it easier for you.

First, spread out your sprinkles on a plate so that you have them handy. Also, have a can of Non-stick spray (like PAM) handy. Make the Rice Krispy Treats according to the directions on the side of the Rice Krispy box. Super Easy. Let it cool enough to touch. Lightly spray non-stick spray on one hand, then rub your hands together to evenly coat your hands. Don’t overspray, or your sprinkles may have a tough time sticking. Grab a handful of warm gooey Rice Krispies, and roll into a ball. Immediately roll the warm ball into your sprinkles. Don’t worry about over-coating, plenty will fall off.

Finish rolling all the balls, then go back and put in chocolate chips to make your Jack O’ Lantern faces. If the balls have cooled too much, put them in the microwave one at a time for a couple seconds to warm them up.




  1. These look SO yummy! I’d love to try making some for work! Thanks : )

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