Simply Spray Ribbon!

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Last week I needed a specific color of ribbon… which of course I didn’t have. But, I had plain white ribbon. And Simply Spray. A couple minutes later (plus drying time), I had exactly the color ribbon I needed! Although this works great on plain white ribbon, it also works great on a shop’s pre-printed ribbon – white ribbon with an ink print on it of the store’s logo – if you just want a couple feet of that ribbon in a custom color (for example, to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month). I’ve since tried this several times, and though the process is super simple, I have a couple tips:

  • It is best to use a new can of Simply Spray. If you don’t have a new can, then one that has a tip that has been cleaned very well. If you use a can that has been used before, and the tip has any “gunk” on the end, your ribbon won’t look as nice. A new can will spray a fine mist of spray, giving you an even coat that soaks in perfectly, whereas a pre-used can might give you a more speckled look… which is okay if that is what you’re going for. 
  • Spray on the “back” of your satin ribbon. This is the non-shiny or non-glossy side. This will absorb the spray best, and the color will look even more smooth on the “front” of the ribbon.

Okay, now that we’ve got those two quick tips out of the way, are you ready to make your own custom ribbon?

Start by laying out freezer paper, shiny side up. If you use newsprint, as your ribbon dries, it may stick to the newsprint, which isn’t pretty (trust me). Using freezer paper ensures your ribbon won’t stick. If you don’t have freezer paper, plastic wrap will probably work pretty well, too.
Then, lay down your ribbon, shiny side down.
Spray, moving quickly in even movements. Don’t worry if you have a little white space. If it is only a little bit, the spray will soak in to cover it. If you have lots of white space, it can give you a cool marbled look. : )

Wait until your ribbon is dry, and you’re all done!


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