Clothespin Reindeer – One Photo Tutorial

These are little clothespin reindeer. I made them out of mini clothespins, but you could absolutely make them out of larger clothespins as well. I also chose to paint the hooves black, and the antlers a lighter shade of brown, but if you were doing this craft with kids, you could just paint all the clothespins the same shade of brown, and it would be fine.
All you need is clothespins, paint, googly eyes, red pom-poms, and a little bit of brown pipecleaner (Which I’ve noticed some people call “chenille stems.” I don’t know if this is an attempt at being upscale, or an attempt at being PC because pipe smoking is “out.” In either case, I’ll probably just keep calling them pipe cleaners, because that is what we called them when I was growing up.)
Once you have your supplies, half the work is done. Just follow these steps… that are so simple, I included them all in a single photo! : )


  1. Short and concise. A perfect tutorial. These are too cute. If I can just find the time, I’d love to make a few to hang on the Christmas tree.

  2. Where did you find those clothes pins? I can only find the round ones.

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