5 Quilting Challenges I’m considering…

My laptop is still out-of-state, I’m working on a long list of projects, and I have yet to teach myself the intricacies of my new camera… BUT I thought I’d “check in” to tell you about some challenges I’ve come across recently, some of which I hope to have a chance to work on:

1. Modern Quilt Guild:
The Modern Quilt Guild just announced Challenge 2: Monochromatic. There is a new Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild starting at the end of the month, and I’d love to be an active memeber… starting with joining these kinds of challenges. Though, I still have no idea what I’m going to do! Submissions are due March 31st.

2. PS I Quilt – Postage Stamp Quilt Along
This one isn’t so much a challenge, but it DOES have prizes, and looks super-fun! Still not sure if I’m going to join in on this one… only so much time, you know?

3. From the Aurifil Blog
Aurifil Thread is featuring a new designer each month, with a free pattern. You just have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. This pattern has a ton of applique, but I’m kinda interested in trying “perfect circles” and I think this quilt would look super cute if made scrappy! Pictures of the finished projects need to be uploaded to flickr, and there will be prizes awarded (I just love prizes!!)

4. Speaking of scrappy…
Fabrics and Quilts has a scrap quilt group on Facebook. There is a challenge to create a scrap quilt by the end of February. Detials can be found on the group page.

5. I saw a cute little Mug Rug Contest over at Sew I Quilt, deadline is Feb 4th. I can slip that in somewheres, right? maybe??

Plus, I still have the shop quilt I’m working on (it should get done this weekend), I may start another shop quilt (we’ll see), I have my 5″ squares that are calling to me from the Crafterhours Spoonflower I spy swap AND I think I need to finish my brown bag quilt from Stash Manicure… but the original link seems to be gone…

And did I mention that the laundry is piling up??

Well, I’m off to play with Little Moore… he’s anxious to play his favorite game. “New Battie.” It means, “Open up all of my toys and swap out the batteries.”
No, the toys do not have dead batteries, he just thinks it is fun to swap out batteries. I think it is just a phase… either that or we’re setting the stage for his lucrative future career in creating alternative energies. I’ll let you know. : )

Hope y’all are having as much fun planning the new year as I am! Let me know if you join any of these challenges, so I can root for you too! : )



  1. AaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHH! I’m DYING to see someone do something with their squares! Okay, I can’t give YOU a hard time. You DID already make something. Sigh. Someday. (Seriously. 50+ people. And I’m hearing crickets. Nothing. Sniff.) Susan

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